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Medical Bills After a Houston Accident: How Your Lawyer Can Help

Drowning in medical bills after an accident? See how a competent Houston lawyer can provide the lifeline you need

Imagine being involved in a car accident where you’re not the one at fault, yet you’re handed a heap of medical bills. It’s a common scenario in Houston, leaving many to wonder: when someone else causes the crash that led to injuries, who should pay for these expenses? Texas law has clear rules about this, but understanding them requires legal aid.

In situations like these, a personal injury attorney in Houston can be invaluable. Let’s explore how legal assistance can provide relief with those post-accident medical bills.

Quick Summary:

  • Individuals involved in accidents through no fault of their own in Houston often face significant medical bills. 
  • Houston’s extreme traffic volume and high rate of hazardous driving behaviors, such as speeding, distracted driving, and drunk driving, contribute to its status as a dangerous city for drivers.
  • Rear-end collisions, side-impact collisions, head-on collisions, and multiple-car pile-ups are prevalent. Each carries the potential for large physical and financial harm to those involved.
  • Texas’s “at-fault” system requires the at-fault party to cover damages. However, securing payment demands rigorous legal efforts, often necessitating a lawyer’s guidance. 
  • Personal injury attorneys assist by submitting medical bills to insurance, negotiating with insurance companies to cover all medical expenses, and advocating for the victim’s rights in court if necessary. Their knowledge is invaluable in managing the complexities of insurance claims and litigation.
  • While personal injury attorneys do not directly reduce medical bills, their negotiation skills and understanding of the legal framework can lead to effective management or reduction of the financial burden.
  • In cases where at-fault parties lack adequate insurance, victims may need to rely on uninsured motorist (UM) or underinsured motorist (UIM) policies. 
  • It is crucial to navigate subrogation processes and meet claim submission deadlines necessary for recovering costs without compromising the victim’s recovery prospects.

The Most Common Types of Car Accidents in Houston

Houston experiences a range of car accidents each year, leading to significant economic damage and profound personal impact on victims and their families. The primary cause for these collisions is human error, which puts innocent individuals at risk daily.

Rear-End Collisions

Speeding, tailgating, and distracted driving cause most rear-end collisions in Houston. These accidents often result in severe injuries like whiplash. Victims may experience headaches and neck pain for a long time. Afterward, calculating damages and seeking compensation can be complex due to the accident’s severity.

Side-Impact Collisions

Side-impact collisions often happen at intersections. The causes include impaired, fatigued, or distracted driving. T-bone accidents are very dangerous in Houston. They may cause life-threatening injuries. That is because the car’s side offers less protection to occupants. Injuries can be especially severe if the collision leads to the car rolling over or spinning.

Head-On Collisions

Speeding and drunk driving lead to head-on collisions. Wrong-way driving worsens the issue on Houston’s one-way roads. Victims may face traumatic brain injuries and spinal damage. They can also suffer severe fractures, internal injuries, and loss of limbs. In some cases, these accidents result in death. Immediate medical attention is crucial.

Multiple-Car Pile Ups

Inclement weather, poor road visibility, and negligent driving behaviors such as speeding or being under the influence can lead to multi-vehicle pile-ups on busy highways.

Typically, the driver who causes the initial collision is deemed at fault, though liability can become complex with multiple vehicles involved.

Understanding Texas’s “At-Fault” Insurance System

Texas operates under an “at-fault” insurance system, meaning that the person who caused the car accident is responsible for the damages, including medical costs. However, getting the at-fault party or their insurance to pay isn’t straightforward or guaranteed.

How Does A Personal Injury Attorney in Houston Help With Medical Bills?

It’s a harsh reality that the individual receiving medical treatment—even if they are not to blame for the accident—is generally the one initially saddled with the bills. This immediate financial pressure can be immense, particularly for long-term treatment or rehabilitation.

Taking the Lead on Submission

A Houston personal injury lawyer can submit your medical bills to the appropriate insurance company, ensuring that your claims align with Texas’s insurance policies and your entitlements under “at-fault” laws. The goal here is not just about submission, but also about keeping track to ensure nothing goes astray.

The Negotiation Strength

Your attorney can also negotiate directly with insurance companies for a settlement fully covering your medical costs. Insurance companies often aim to minimize what they pay out, but your lawyer will stand in your corner to fight for a settlement that fairly compensates for your losses.

Advocacy and Representation

Sometimes, negotiations fail or aren’t an option. In such cases, your personal injury attorney can advocate for your rights in court. They can demand the compensation you need to cover your current bills and any future medical expenses arising from the accident.

It’s clear that while lawyers don’t directly slash medical bills, their intervention is often crucial. They understand the legal ramifications and are knowledgeable in negotiations that can lead to reductions in the amount owed.

How Much Can a Lawyer Lower Medical Bills?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. The severity of injuries, insurance coverage, and laws impact bill reduction potential. A lawyer can negotiate for a better outcome. Their talks may offer hope in personal injury claims. They assist with medical liens and out-of-network provider discussions.

What About Insurance?

In Texas, if the at-fault party lacks adequate liability coverage, you (as a victim) may need to delve into uninsured motorist (UM) or underinsured motorist (UIM) policies. Over 14% of car owners in Texas do not have auto insurance. In such cases, your personal injury attorney can assist in ensuring that your insurance does its part.

The Reality of Subrogation

Success in your personal injury claim introduces the prospect of subrogation. Your health insurance provider might be entitled to recover their share from your settlement. It’s a delicate process meant to prevent a double recovery situation. Your lawyer can provide clarity and guidance, ensuring you’re not unfairly burdened.

When Should You Seek Legal Help?

If you’re facing medical bills after a car accident in Houston, seeking the help of a personal injury attorney in Houston early on can be crucial. There are deadlines for filing claims. And submitting bills that, if missed, could affect your ability to recover your costs. An attorney can keep your case on track while you focus on what matters most: your health.

Need Help with Accident Medical Bills? Call Our Houston Personal Injury Attorney Now! 

After an accident, the burden of medical bills can be overwhelming. Many feel lost, facing a complex legal system and powerful insurance companies.

The stress of dealing with mounting debt can hinder your recovery process, leaving you feeling helpless and alone. Without the proper support, you might accept less compensation than you deserve or struggle to navigate the claims process.

At Wadler Law, we understand these challenges. We are dedicated to championing the rights of Texans like you. Our lawyers in Houston have profound knowledge about personal injury. We work hard on your case. We help you get money for medical bills and recovery. We offer personalized help. That includes car, worksite, and pedestrian accidents. We also cover dog bites and wrongful death.

Don’t let accident-induced financial strain dictate your future. Let us shoulder your legal burdens so you can focus on what matters most—your recovery. Contact our personal injury law firm today for a free consultation!

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